The secret recipe of success that contributes to the progress and development that makes your employee fulfill.

For any employee out there a dream work place would comprise of attributes such as friendly and open work environment, chances of adequate professional growth, sufficient perks and a reward system that helps him live a proper livelihood. I think some of us might be thinking of a place we can refer to as ‘Lalaland’. But come to think of it, we all have heard catching phrases of organisations taking care of their employees in multitude ways to boost their productivity, however, the truth is that in order to form a workplace that actually benefits employees, it is necessary that the leadership of the company is really motivated towards forming a system that can help and guarantee the growth of its employees on all levels. So, as a small leadership lesson, here are a few tips that a leader must keep in mind when designing his leadership assignments for his place to bolster employee performance.

·         Start with the basics

Once you form a serious approach towards making a leadership oriented company, the first step you take is to start with the basics. The basic necessities and requirements of an employee. See things from his spectacle and then formulate your response and opinion about it. For instance, the most fundamental requirement for an employee is his or her workstation, irrespective of the nature of business you are running, whether it’s a small scale online assignment writing business or a large scale enterprise. Taking the first step towards effective leadership begins making improvements in your employees workstation. According to the motivation theory presented by Herzberg, a better change in the lights, computers and other technical components making a workstation can lead to greater performance by the employees. Just think for a while, you are not motivating them monetarily, but with an investment of a few hundred dollars you make them feel that you care and feel concerned about them.

·         Promote a democratic culture

Be aware of your employees likes and dislikes. When you start caring for them, you automatically give them the right to own a stake in the organization and this feeling of employee empowerment is necessary for greater growth. It is important for you as a leader to do things that actually matter to them. It is useless to spend money on making t-shirts and giving them company coffee mugs if they really don’t care about it. Instead invest your time and resources in conducting interviews and surveys within the workplace to find out the best way through which they can be motivated. You can either decide the venue for a company annual dinner yourself or dispatch an email survey to all your employees to vote for the place. The latter option is associated with empowerment and will thus promise greater loyalty.

·         Reward and recognise employees

No matter what you may do, never forget to formulate a strategy through which you can motivate your employees monetarily. After all, the significance of money cannot be sidelined under any condition. Recognise them for the work that they do. Give them tough targets, but keep your word of giving them adequate bonuses that can justify the hard work that they have done. The relationship between an employee and employee may be ungrateful and even insatiable in some ways, but, it is nonetheless symbiotic.

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