How many times have you been introduced via email and then nothing happens? You (or the other person) may exchange an email, but then nada. So why is this, and how can you increase the priority of the two of you moving from email to a phone call or physical meeting.

Here are my thoughts on how to do this:

1. Prime the introduction

When you get offered an introduction, do request that the person introducing you explains why you should talk. I’ve had a couple of introductions where I’ve been told, “you both should speak”. Mmmm, great, smashing, super… but this doesn’t help me gauge whether we should both meet.

2. Tell them about yourself

Very often, you do get an introduction out of the blue – and both of you are wondering whether to follow it up or not. It is worth replying to these emails with a pen portrait about you, and a link to your LinkedIn profile (if you need a little help to brush this up, take a look at 10 ways to showcase your credibility on LinkedIn  and 8 ways to pimp up your LinkedIn profile) Or if you are now wondering with what to do with LinkedIn now you have a good profile, then click on the link. However, do give them the opportunity to say no to a phone call to you.

3. Follow up the introduction

Don’t just wait for the other person to contact you. Contact them – both via email, LinkedIn, Twitter. If you don’t hear anything from them after your first email then put a note in your diary to send just one more email to them, to see if they are interested in meeting  up.

4. Explain where you think that there may be benefit for them to meet you

All too often we only think about the benefit of us to meeting them. Take a look at their LinkedIn profile and what you can find out about them online. How could you help them?

What tips do you have to make sure you get that first getting to know you meeting?

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