As a leader, it is your role to map out a vision for others to follow, whether that be for your organisation, department or team. But how do you communicate that vision effectively? Here are some tips:

  1. Use visuals
    The old saying of "a picture tells a thousand words" is so true. Use the visual toillustrate where you are now and where you need to be so that your team can build up a clear picture.
  2. Explain the benefits
    Why you are following this route of action and the WIIFM factor for your team – "What’s In It For Me"
  3. Anticipate questions
    Put yourself in the shoes of the cynics and brainstorm all the tough questions that they may come out with.
  4. Have supporting documentation
    Either a brochure or document that explains things fully. Your team may want to take it away and have a good study afterwards.
  5. Put a support structure in place
    Where people can have their questions / concerns answered.
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