Your company wants the best talent, and the recruitment process is the first crucial step to take in finding them. Recruitment should make the most of your resources so that you can find the most effective staff without wasting time or energy. Here are five tips your company should follow to get the most from the recruitment process.

1) Provide detailed job briefs.

When placing a job advert, ensure the description is specific and includes as much information as possible about what the role entails, experience required and qualifications needed as a pre-requisite. By doing this, the candidate knows whether it’s worth applying for the job and there is no misunderstanding about what the role involves.

2) Give a clear call to action.

At the end of the job advert or job interview, let the candidate know when the deadline for the role is; or, if at the end of the recruitment process, when the decision will be made. Make it clear where the candidate must apply to; either via email, telephone or filling in an application form. A clear call to action and a deadline will inspire the right candidates to take immediate action.

3) Use HR software to find the right candidates.

An accurate and up-to-date database with details of all candidates is the best way to ensure you’re contacting the right people. Good HR software can help you both to create a system for finding the right candidates and to maintain it regularly. It’s important to keep it updated, and notes should be left on their profile indicating that communications have been triggered between the company and the candidate. When you contact them, position-specific questions should be asked to determine if they are the right person for the role.

4) Review your current recruitment process.

Find out what has worked in the past for your company in terms of how many successful candidates have applied for similar positions. Hold a 15-20 minute review amongst HR peers, the key leaders in the business, along with vendors and other types of stakeholders to determine what’s working and what isn’t.

You can always ask for suggestions from them to improve the number of quality candidates who apply. The review could mean you expand your marketing scope to other areas, such as using different job boards or taking a different approach and incorporating email marketing into your strategy.

5) Think like a job candidate.

If you run a recruiting booth at a job fair, imagine yourself on the other side, in the candidate’s shoes. If you can think like a candidate, you can understand their thought processes when they apply for a job and tweak your own job posts accordingly.

When you think like the candidates you want to attract, you can see how attractive your job posts are and how they can be improved. It also enables you to select the right questions to ask during the interview process. This means that in the long term, you will find the best talent to recruit into your company.



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