Do you own a company and often ponder on how to increase employee morale and performance? No matter how big a company is or how widespread its customer base is growth and sentence depends on employee performance and output eventually. The performance of workforce affects everything-including product quality, customer satisfaction and revenue. So, it is quite essential for company owners to resort to measures and implement policies that keep employees happy and their morale is boosted. When this happens, their performance remains optimum, resulting in beefiest for the organization in every way.

Below listed are a few handy tips company owners can utilize to boost workforce morale to enhance productivity.

  1. Appreciation matters– No matter how large a workforce you have, keeping eye on the performance of individual employees is required. Recognizing employees for superior performance does matter in the long run. It does not always have to be in the form of a pay hike or incentive at all times. A personal email or verbal appreciation can also do wonders at times. It makes employees feel positive and they stay energized at work.
  2. Being approachable– Sometimes, middle tier employees try to manipulate entry tier employees in large organizations. This can create discontent in the workforce and productivity is affected adversely. So, the management should ensure an employee can contact them about any issue or grievance.  There should not be a wall between the top level and entry level employees in an organization. Some organizations have a system of dropping grievances or issues in the form of mails or slips without mentioning the name of the employee.
  3. Regular feedback– Taking feedbacks from employees make them feel they are being given importance. This can make them feel management is not careless about their work. You can also learn about issues causing discontent in employees and take steps to address those.
  4. Recognizing performers– In most departments of your company, you may find a few men or women who excel at things they do and outshine others. It makes sense to assign them suitable roles in the organization. This motivates them better and they can give their best to benefit the company. Giving them unexpected incentives at New Year or such occasions can also do the needful.
  5. Stress busting– Irrespective of industry and size of the organization, everyone working at various designations get subjected to stress. From an HR manager to someone on probation, work stress affects mindset and performance of nearly every employee. So, the management should offer some ways for the employees to get rid of boredom and work stress at times. Arranging fun parties and short outings for the employees are prudent ideas that the management can explore.
  6. Offering flexibility– By introducing certain flexibilities at workplace, the management can make the employees happier and they feel the company cares for their wellbeing and conveniences. Some organizations nowadays allow employees to work from home. This comes in handy when they have any occasion at home, face emrgency or fall sick etc. Offering lunch at subsidized rate or introducing relaxed dress code for Fridays also work well. Of course, the management should ensure introducing such flexibilities does not hamper the workflow.


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