HR for small business: why everyone needs a mentor


In my line of work, I support heads of HR, HR directors, and L&D managers in both large corporations and SMEs, and I’ve noticed a remarkable difference between them. The HR job description can cover an incredibly diverse spectrum. Is this down to the role or the type of person in it? Are they naturally […]

What really happens in leadership coaching sessions?


Do organisations really understand the value of leadership coaching and how can employees get the most out of the experience? Increasingly I find the stated objectives of coaching (what we have to tell the organisation in order to get the investment) are out of sync with what we’ll actually be working on and where the actual value […]

How mentoring can benefit your business


Mentoring schemes are hugely beneficial, and not just because they enhance personal development. They can also contribute to the overall success of an organisation. I started my human resources career by joining a two-year graduate programme where I was partnered with a mentor from the outset. At the time, I wasn’t aware of the benefits of […]

It’s time to get rid of reverse mentoring


In a culture where continuous, on-the-job learning for all ages is encouraged, the term ‘reverse mentoring’ is archaic and potentially damaging. But why exactly is this the case? A term that was coined by Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric, almost 20 years ago, ‘reverse mentoring’ is still being used in various industries. The concept […]

4 different approaches to mentoring


One of the most intriguing professional relationships is that between the mentor and mentee. It is easy to see the benefits to the mentee; someone to support them in the development of their workplace skills and guide them in the chosen career, and a sounding board who asks the right questions. Over 97% of those […]

5 pitfalls to consider before setting up a mentoring scheme


Mentoring is a buzzword these days, and many organisations use it for a variety of purposes, from talent management, to leadership development, to knowledge transfer and succession planning. As somebody who has been working for over ten years facilitating and implementing mentoring programmes across the UK and internationally,  I am not only a passionate advocate of […]

Can sponsorship help the female talent pipeline?


Women are entering the consulting industry in unprecedented numbers, but the proportion of them who’ve made it to the top of the organisation remains small. Source Information Services and nbi recently teamed up to try and understand why. “Having to sell my soul” Two-thirds of the 40 senior people in leading consulting firms around the world […]