Acas has issued advice for employers to ensure they are not impacted by next month’s big sporting event.

The Olympic Games in Brazil start on August 5th and last until August 21st and companies are urged to consider the potential disruption the event could cause to staffing the workplace.

With many workers already on annual leave for their summer holidays, some businesses could need to make sure they have plans in place if their employees opt to stay home to watch the Games rather than come to work.

Acas chair, Sir Brendan Barber, said: "Employers should have a set of simple workplace agreements in place before the starting gun goes off for the Olympic Games. These agreements can help ensure businesses remain productive whilst keeping staff happy too, which are key ingredients for a gold medal winning team line up."

He added: "Our guidance published today can help managers get the best from their team athletes by planning for potential hurdles, arranging team relay handovers if necessary and avoiding unnecessary false starts."

There are a number of ways employers and staff could enjoy the popular sporting event, including allowing the use of a radio or television in the workplace or offering employees the chance to make up any time lost by having a flexible working day.

Acas is also warning companies to be aware that the Games could lead to an increased use of social media during office hours and it may be a good time to remind staff about any social networking policies in place.

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