CoachGPT: Is the future of coaching AI enabled?

yellow and black robot toy; CoachGPT: Is the future of coaching AI enabled?

How can we leverage generative AI to increase the accessibility of coaching in a way that enhances the performance of individuals, teams and organisations? Here, we explore the challenges, opportunities and ethical considerations for businesses looking to adopt AI coachbots.

An AI crossroads: Which path will you choose?

girl walking near trees: at an AI crossroads

We have reached a crossroads with artificial intelligence. If we choose the easy direction, AI will exacerbate societal ills. If, however, we take the more thoughtful and yet arduous path, AI might well enrich our lives. Quentin Millington navigates.

Division of labour: Is AI one cut too far?

high-angle photography of bed of yellow flowers: Division of labour: Is AI one cut too far?

Division of labour, in the workplace and beyond, has enhanced productivity and accelerated growth. But, nobody wants to feel like a cog in someone else’s machine. Will AI create more silos and further amplify the negative impacts of division of labour?

CIPD Festival of Work: Driving people with purpose to thrive

people walking on street during daytime

The HRZone team is excited for this year’s CIPD Festival of Work on 12-13th June. Its two jam-packed days are set to offer inspiration and guidance from industry experts, alongside enriching networking opportunities and immersive activities – all for free! Will we see you there?

Tech culture: On-site gym or layoffs by email?

man's reflection on body of water photography representing disillusioned tech employee

Tech companies recruited gifted people into splendid workplaces and then, a few years on, fired them via automated and impersonal emails. What can we learn about culture from such diverse employee experiences?

Five benefits of remote onboarding software

Remote setting. a road with a mountain in the background

Onboarding is the crucial first chapter in an employee’s story with your company. So how can you ensure new hires move onto the second chapter and beyond? Here, we outline the advantages of leveraging remote onboarding technology.

The rise of graph databases in people analytics

red and blue lights, depicting graph technology

Graph technology is giving people analytics a much-needed boost within those progressive organisations already deploying it. Database expert Jim Webber explores what graph technology is and how IT services company, DXC Technology, is reaping the benefits of it.