We all agree that the most important ingredient for efficient software development is the right kind of people. Getting them and retaining them is the topic of many a discussion in HR and IT departments, and those niche recruiters who strive to unearth these great candidates.
Even though all three of the common software development methods have gathered steam, Agile development is the one most companies gravitate towards. Using this method, solutions are reached through collaboration of self-organised and cross functional small teams mainly in environments where requirements change often.  
Early adopters of agile development were primarily in the media and broadcast industries but the high efficiency, low cost and low risk of complete project failure made the method mainstream, especially where the employer has a large in house development team.
But not all agile developments will suit all clients’ projects.  Careful screening goes a long way towards qualifying new Agile consultants that will fit well in the organisation and become valuable team members. 
Richard Stevenson, Manager of the Technology practice at niche recruiter Hydrogen Group explains: “When we recruit agile developers, we always question the client on the length of iterations for the project and we try to match those with the experience of the candidate.  Short iterations may make developers who normally work on longer iterations uncomfortable” 
“It is also important to establish whether the candidate is able to handle quick changes to the project as one of the key advantages of agile methodology is the ability to quickly adapt to changing client requirements. The candidate should not be so tied to a code or storyboard that he is unable to provide a solution that meets the client’s needs” Stevenson advises. 
“Finally does the candidate have the ability to play multiple roles (scrum), or is he used to clearly defined roles?  The developer has to fit the needs of the team he will be joining or he will be uncomfortable and possibly endanger the project. The building of an effective agile team is an art and the client has to brief the recruiter appropriately, to derive maximum benefit for the software development” Stevenson states.