As we move forward, it has quickly become common for the modern workplace to relax in order to stay competitive. In a world now dominated by startups and “Google” environments, things like allowing a relaxed dress code and being able to enjoy the occasional beer at work are the new norm. So what are some fun alternatives you can consider to create a hiring edge? Here is a list of some unique options that should appeal to a wide variety of candidates:

1)      Become Pet Friendly – Surely someone in your office is thinking all day about their four-legged friend sitting at home, which might just cause severe separation anxiety. You know, the person in your office that spends all lunch discussing the best pet insurance along with their weekend at the park watching their five rescue dogs play fetch for six hours. This can be a major perk, just make sure you have policies in place to prevent any animal or allergy mayhem, it might not be bad to require dog insurance.

2)      Host Office Competitions – From office Olympics to ping pong tables in the break room, bring out the competitive edge of your officemates with a good mix of silly games and fun activities. Nothing screams “modern company” like having a foosball table in the conference room.

3)      Hack Days Everyone has an idea on how to improve the company. Hack days, no matter your industry, will offer everyone on the ladder the opportunity to express openly ways they feel they can add or improve business. Companies like Facebook and Google regularly employ this tactic, which has resulted in the creations of some of their leading products.

4)      Snack and Coffee BarHunger causes crankiness. A lack of caffeine causes headaches and zombie-like behavior. An easy solution to these dilemmas is to provide the resources that eliminate them in the first place. Offer a well-stocked snack bar and a decent coffee maker and rest-assured, time spent walking to the nearest coffee shop or convenience store will decrease while employee happiness will increase.

5)      Provide Resources A relevant library of books, magazines and newspapers in the break room can often encourage ongoing training and growth even while off the clock. For someone who takes the bus or enjoys reading on their lunch breaks, they might appreciate the free resources at their disposal to stay up to date on the company’s business.

rob toledo

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