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What are the biggest challenges for FTSE 100 companies in terms of recruiting and developing talent?
There is a skills shortage challenge. The other challenge is what I would describe as knowing what good looks like. Very often organisations recruit the wrong people or recruit skills they don’t want and don’t recruit skills which they need.  By and large, recruitment processes are not as good as they could be.
What do you see as some of the key challenges for an organisation when aligning HR with the key strategic initiatives and strategy of the business?
HR has to understand the business first and foremost. It has to do things which support the business and the success of those actions must be measured in those terms, not in HR terms. For example, it could be time to market, it could be innovation, or it could be costs or sales. It will not be measured by HR products and HR terminology. It doesn’t matter how many training courses you have run or how many people you have recruited, what matters is the business imperatives and what you have done to support those.
What role can HR play in the development of a culture of innovation in a company?  
I think it’s a huge role. HR can be a champion of innovation. HR should be involved in bringing fresh ideas to the organisation and it should be involved in making sure that people are trained for innovation and selected for innovation. It should also ensure that any restricted practices and processes which prevent people from improving things are taken away. It’s a difficult job but a very important job.  
Read the full interview here
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