Managing and assessing candidates is now much easier with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Such platforms provide functionalities including bulk actions, branded communications and reporting, making applicant management much more straight forward.

If you’re looking at an ATS, it helps to know exactly what functionalities within this system can aid your candidate tracking and assessment.

So, as the ATS becomes and ever more important tool in helping you find the right candidates, Webrecruit covers what you need to know about within the essential features of this software, which all aim to simplify your applicant management.

Application Review

Benefit: Easy-to-view candidate details

 If you’re working from a spreadsheet or your inbox, it isn’t always easy to quickly scan and view different applicants. With an ATS, you’ll be able to quickly identify answers to application questions and view the candidates CV all in one screen.

You can also view applicants by job vacancy, to get a quick observation of how many have applied, and the number of those rejected or shortlisted and more.

Screening and Filtering

Benefit: Simple short listing capability and bulk candidate status updates

Rejecting a large amount of candidates can take a long time if you’re looking to contact them all individually. This is where bulk actions come in; you can select a large variety of applications before progressing or rejecting all of them which messages that applicant automatically.

Filtering CVs, therefore, doesn’t get much easier. With a simple application view and the bulk action feature, you’ll be able to save huge amounts of time on screening by swiftly categorising candidates.

Candidate Communications

Benefit: Customised candidate email communications, allowing you to personalise your brand

An ATS allows you to create custom email communications to go out to candidates, ensuring a consistent employer brand throughout the candidate journey.

Your customised email will then be applicable throughout all your email communication, saving you editing, branding or updating each email you send to applicants.


Benefit: Understand where good candidates are coming from

You don’t want to waste time on resourcing channels that aren’t bringing you good candidates. With an applicant tracking system, you’ll have a dashboard containing all your key metrics including need-to-know information on the following:

So, when managing the applications you have for each of your current roles, reporting means you’ll know where top talent is coming from and the status of each of your applicants and vacancies.


Your ATS is a centralised recruitment portal, allowing for effective candidate management. This means you save large amounts of time spent on dry administrative tasks, whilst spending more on finding the right person.

Another tip is to remember that all your applications should be mobile optimised; another feature of the applicant tracking system.