Motivation is an employee’s inner enthusiasm and drives to accomplish activities. This internal drive causes an individual to choose to take action.
In their lives, every employee has activities, events, people and goals that they find motivating. There’s no such thing as unmotivated people – just unmotivated workers!
The trick is to figure out how to tap into that motivation and inspire employee motivation at work.
So how motivated are your people?
Here are 5 Top Tips on the questions to ask them:-
1. What are the primary goals of our organisation?
Many employees have surprisingly little idea about the direction and strategy of their organisation – they may be more motivated if they understand the primary aim of your business. Ask questions to establish how clear they are about your organisation’s principles, priorities and mission. What do these things actually mean to them in their day-to-day job roles?
2. Change
If you organisation has restructured, made redundancies, imposed a recruitment freeze or lost of number of key people, this will have an effect on motivation. For example, how will Sir Philip Green’s sale of BHS to a group of City investors impact the 11,000 employees? How will they respond and how will it affect their levels of motivation?
Ask employees about their fears, their thoughts and concerns relating to these events. Even if they are unfounded, always treat their views with respect and honesty. What can you learn to be better at introducing and managing change?
3. Patterns
Who are the most motivated employees? Where do they work? What do they do?
Who are the least motivated employees? What type of work do they do?
Why is there a difference? Is this acceptable?
What lessons can you learn from patches of high and low motivation in your organisation?
4. Feelings
Would they recommend working in the organisation to a friend? Do they feel safe, loyal, valued and taken care of? Or do they feel taken advantage of, dispensable and invisible? Ask them what things would improve their loyalty and commitment.
5. Involvement
How much should they know about future developments? How much do they actually know? Do they feel listened to and heard? Are they consulted? And if they are consulted, are there opinions taken seriously? Are there regular opportunities for them to give feedback?
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