The overwhelming anount of interest over who will lead England out in the European qualifier against Wales next week has served only to remind me why ex-captain John Terry was released from his duties in the first place.  

His questionable behaviour that was certainly not in keeping with the leadership responsibility synonymous with captaincy or management at any level, let alone the national football side, was deemed enough to be demoted, but this week the rumour mill is suggesting that Fabio Capello could ask Terry to wear the much-coveted armband of leadership once again. 


Because, according to the manager, there is no-one else suitable to take on the job. Does this make it OK to have someone back who was once considered not to be appropriate because of his actions? 
Where is the succession planning at the FA, where some of the top business management brains are supposed to be based? Further, and this could actually be damaging to on-field performances, what message does this send with regards to standard of leadership required to manage the England team and to lead it? 
Can businesses afford not to develop talent and plan for the continued effective leadership of the company? If there is no succession planning do we choose leaders not because of their skills and abilities, but because they are the best of a bad bunch?
If we ran businesses like the current England team the businesses will under perform, or worse, go bust – or is that exactly what do? 

Karen Murphy – Muika Leadership
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