Our world is changing fast and to just keep up, organisations must change quickly as well.
Those that handle change will thrive, whilst those that do not may struggle to survive.
At the end of the day, effective change is all about PEOPLE and how well they are managed to implement the necessary changes. Look how the Prime Minister, and many of the other political parties, are now having complete party reshuffles, either following  the resignation of an MP or the their loss of a seat  (i.e. Nick Clegg, Tom Brake, Vince Cable, Lynne Featherstone), in the wake of last week’s Election. 
David Cameron is now completing his cabinet reshuffle, with significant promotions expected for a number of leading female ministers. This includes Amber Rudd is Energy and Climate Change Secretary and Priti Patel who will attend Cabinet as employment minister.
But remember: people are very open-minded about new things – as long as they are exactly like the old ones!
Follow these 5 top tops to manage change effectively be it in government or the company workplace:-
1. Be clear
What kind of change is required?
Is it a major shakeup (transformational change) or moderate process improvement (incremental change), a slow or rapid roll out? 
Each involves different implications and will affect your people in different ways.
2. Set short term goals
A war is only ever won by winning the smaller battles along the way. Identify and reward those quick wins. If goals aren’t met, focus on improvement, not fault-finding.
3. All hands on deck
Get your people engaged and involved in talking about change. Recognise that people are far more inclined to support what they create and resist what is forced upon them.
4. Set your people up…to succeed!
During any period of change, organisations – or political parties – typically raise the hurdles.
Tackle your team’s training and development to ensure your people have the confidence, ability and desire to clear new hurdles.
5. Be visible
Don’t bury yourself in meetings. 
Get out there and get seen. Talk to your people in their own environment. 
Role model the behaviours and attitudes you’re looking to see in others. Show people how you have personally adapted as a result of the change.
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