Recognise This! – Simply exporting a domestically designed programme to global locations will create unintended consequences through poor programme design and implementation.

Globalisation of any domestic-designed programme can have unintended consequences from the mild to the downright terrifying. That’s why careful consideration of local expectations and implementation must be considered in any employee compensation or benefits programme, and especially in an employee recognition programme designed to unite all employees into a culture of appreciation and positivity (and not further distance them by creating an in equitable structure).

I dove into this much more deeply in my post on Compensation Cafe: “3 Lessons for Truly Global Employee Recognition & Rewards Programmes.” Click through for more on these lessons:

  1. Recognition and rewards are not compensation.
  2. Equitable awards do not equal currency conversion.
  3. Standard of living is relative.

(Also not to be missed is the comment added to the post by Jim Brennan on employees turning murderous – literally – due to a poorly implemented life insurance programme.)

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