Recognise This! – If a culture of recognition is created, all other goals become more easily achieved.

Continuing on yesterday’s discussion about the importance of communication and manager approachability to employee engagement, IABC Research Foundation/Bucks Consultants research found “an individual’s supervisor and the amount of employee communication in an organisation are the top two influencers of employee engagement.”

Specifically (quoting):

    * 44% said their supervisor strongly increased employee engagement
    * 41% per cent said supervisors strongly decreased employee engagement
    * 39% indicated the amount of employee communication is a strong contributor to employee engagement (47% said it had a moderate influence)

For 85% of employees, their supervisor held sway over their ability to engage with the organisation, their work, and their commitment to success. I argue, many of those 41% above would likely agree their managers are also poor communicators.

More interesting to me is this finding:

    “This year’s survey found that creating a new culture or work environment (33 per cent) was the most important goal identified by survey respondents, followed by increasing productivity (28 per cent) and retaining top talent (26 per cent).”

Finally, company leaders are accepting the important role of culture in employee engagement. To me, this also implies companies understand they cannot engage employees – they can only create cultures and environments in which employees want to engage.

The most effective culture for employee engagement is a culture of recognition and appreciation. In our book Winning with a Culture of Recognition Eric Mosley, CEO of Globoforce, and I share how to achieve a culture of recognition, how to proactively manage such a culture to achieve a company’s strategic objectives, and the benefits of such cultures – including increased engagement, retention and productivity.

What kind of work culture or environment do you work in today? What would be your ideal work environment?

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