Great leaders know the value and power of their words. They know that sharing a well-honed vision can change a person, a team, and ultimately an organisation.
When we define our vision and communicate it effectively, people see the big picture and how they can contribute to it.
People want to work for more than a salary – to be part of something larger than themselves – something to be proud of, that they’ll fight for and that they trust.
Here are 5 tips for conveying your vision as a leader:-
1. Appeal to people’s hearts
The ancient Chinese said human ‘will’ is like a cart being pulled by two horses: the ‘mind’ and the ‘emotions.’ 
In order to pull the cart forward, both horses have to be pulling the cart in the same direction. Engage people’s hearts by giving them a reason to care about your vision. 
If you take a look at the news today, this is something music mogul Jay Z –  whatever you personally think of him – did to net the some of the biggest names in the business to buy into his latest artist-owned platform and rival to the likes of Spotify, Deezer and Google Play.
2. Keep it simple
People are not usually motivated by complicated theories and abstract ideas! The best communicators take the complex and make it simple. 
Great leaders use terms and explanations that are easy to understand so everyone can catch their vision – and be able to explain it to others.
3. Idea for the mind, picture for the heart
If your vision is unclear, the mist in your mind – will eventually become a fog in your organisation.
People think and remember in pictures. To drive your vision home, give people an idea for the minds a picture for the heat. Tell them about your customers and clients like the old age pensioner whose day will be made a great one if only she had a little extra bit of good service.
4.  Get ‘buy-in’
People rarely to anything until they see the personal, measurable benefits of taking action – What’s in it for me?’ Get your people actively involved for shaping the vision
Because we’re far more inclined to take care of the things we own.
No matter how persuasive you are, be prepared to encounter resistance. 
Change is uncomfortable. It often makes people feel anxious and insecure. Once you’ve cast a vision, allow people time to accept it. 
The only way to get past the fear is to develop a vision more compelling than the fear. Look for ways to focus on the passion behind the vision, and people’s fears will soon take a backseat to their excitement.
5. Create a community
Good leaders create a sense of family and a sense of destiny. 
People love to feel involved and committed to a shared goal. They want to know that their contributions are valued and important. 
Look for ways to encourage a spirit of family and continuously communicate and reinforce the goals and future of the organisation.
Vision communication is like oxygen in a healthy organisation.
If you don’t have a clear picture of where you want to go, you may find your team suffocating from a lack of purpose and direction.
Instead of scaling the mountain alone, climb it together.
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