As a new series of Dragons’ Den hits the airwaves listening to some of the ideas presented in the programme does make you sit up and think….what if? Well what if you looked at your employees as inventors and innovators and created a collection of dragons from around your own business?

Then every quarter hold your very own mini series, allowing your employees to present new ideas, process improvement ideas, inter-departmental teamwork ideas ….essentially anything which can make your business better.

All the ideas are scored and the best of the best put forward for potentially going live in the business. Rewardsare appropriately allocated, preferably in the form of public recognition. Remind staff around the business who created which solution, the business benefits it’s achieved and the impact that individual has made on moving the business forward.

Make it fun – create visuals of the dragon, use avatars or life size cut outs.

Showcase all ideas and scoring so people can see what works and what doesn’t (in preparation for the next series!) Include people at all levels and from all departments across your business and you’re sure to improve engagement and get people thinking outside of the box.

Who knows you may be harbouring the next big entrepeneur of the 22nd century!

In any case you’ll engage and motivate employees, improve your business operations, and create stronger brand advocates, whilst hopefully having some great fun too!
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