The main goal of performance management is to help employees reach their full potential. Managers often forget that this process is a two way street. 

In most organizations performance management have always been something that the managers ‘do’ and the employees ‘receive’. This keeps the employees disengaged from the process which in turn results in an ineffective review. Here are a few things to keep in mind to keep your employees engaged.

1. Make him part of the process:

When it comes to setting employee goals, the employee should be made part of the goal setting process. This gives the employee ownership of his goals and it has been shown that such employees perform better.

2. Start with self-appraisals:

Most organizations that conduct performance appraisals leave out one of its main components – the self- appraisal. Managers should always begin their appraisal process with the self reviews. This gives the employee a satisfaction that their views come first and makes them feel more prized in the company.

3. Increase your performance review frequency:

Doing performance appraisals once a year offers close to no engagement for the employees. Managers are encouraged to do their performance reviews regularly. This helps the employee stay on course. Small deviations from his tasks can become a proportionally big problem if they are left unnoticed. Regularly managing his performance lets the manager identify these problems early before they get out of control.

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