First step in implementing a performance management process in any organization is defining the process and implementing the process.  Needless to say, most of the organizations will either adopt paper based forms where people fill in the forms and submit the printed ones (or) use Excel, fill it and send it to the HR / manager.  It is definitely a right way to get started.  You get to know the feedback on the forms design / what to capture / what not to capture / employee’s reaction to the form itself / whether you need one form for entire company (or) multiple feedback forms based on the level / etc.

However, following are the challenges as the organization grows:

1. Paper based form/Excel form eats more time for HR, Manager and the employee.

2. Aggregation of data from paper based form/Excel.

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3. Confidentiality.

4. Possibility for human mistakes.

5. No history maintenance.

6. Increased workload.


Defeating the above drawbacks brings in the introduction of effective online performance management software such as Synergita.  Using a good performance management software reduces the number of resources needed to administer the process and increases the productivity.  This saves tons of time of both HR and employees. The software will have the provision of defining the workflows which eases the process of submission and approval.  We will have an easier way to track the employees who are stuck in a particular step so that they can be notified about the dead line for the same or go and help them solve their challenges in providing feedback or whatever help they need.

This makes the whole process much easy & pleasing.  History can be maintained for all the years which can be referred at any point of time. The appraisal process can be completed on time which will increase the reliability. Data can be kept more confidential and safe.  There are several advantages of having an online performance management software such as Synergita.