I don’t know if you have noticed, but social networking sites such as Facebook have really been making the headlines recently.

People seem to be up in arms over whether it should be banned at work, how it affects your prospects of getting a new job, whether it is an IT security risk, and how the use of these sites could be seriously affecting productivity amongst workers.

Here at HR Zone, we have reported on all of this, including a recent story about how the TUC has said that a blanket ban on Facebook at work is an ‘over-reaction’ and people should be allowed to use social networking sites during their lunch hour, as they can’t be prevented from having a life outside of work.

The TUC has also warned that employers who take equal opportunities in recruitment seriously should not check out the profiles of job applicants on Facebook because using information from this source can give an unfair advantage or disadvantage to certain candidates.

Prior to this, it was also reported on HR Zone that half of the UK’s employees are banned from using Facebook at work, including organisations such as Lloyds TSB and Goldman Sachs, due to the fact it hinders productivity and could be a security threat.

Personally, I agree with the comments made by the TUC. I do realise that many companies are right to bar workers from accessing these sites if it could lead to a security threat or if there is a decrease in productivity, but as long as the company sets out clear policies and best practices for use during office hours, what harm can it do to allow workers a bit of a catch up with their friends during their lunch break?

Anyway, due to the coverage recently, we have decided to put it to the vote. Please take part in the poll below, so we can find out your thoughts on whether Facebook should be banned during office hours. Thanks!

Lucie Benson

Should employers ban Facebook at work?


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