It’s not long until The Employee Engagement Conference arrives in London on 10 September – following the success of the US event we’re really excited to see what the UK event will be like! 
The agenda is looking pretty promising, from the CEO and HRD panels, to talks from familiar faces such as Perry Timms, Jan Hills and our very own editor Jamie Lawrence.
I’m particularly looking forward to the sessions which focus on reward and the neuroscience behind engagement – but it will also be interesting to hear the perspectives of business leaders and see what aspects of engagement they struggle with or have found particularly beneficial.
Avid aventurer Monty Halls is giving the closing keynote, which should be a lively end to the day (unless you’re coming for cocktails afterwards, that is). Here are five key takeaways that the conference is aiming to provide:
A Plan for Feedback
Anyone can do an employee survey, but what do you do with that all important feedback? Learn the best ways to go about getting the thoughts of your employees (no more annual surveys!), and how to turn their comments into action.
Insight from Leaders
Whether it’s the sessions from forward-thinking business leaders, or the discussions on the HRD panel – you should come away with more than enough tips to help improve your team and working day.
New Connections
The list of companies attending the event is already fairly impressive, so between the representatives from those businesses and the line-up of speakers throughout the day, it should be a great opportunity to network with industry peers and like-minded people.
Tangible Actions
It’s all well and good hearing what others are doing, but what things you can start tomorrow, no matter what your company size or budget? The breakout sessions will give you simple ideas that you can start trying out now.
Understanding CEOs
Nervous about talking to senior management, or not sure what to say? Hear from the CEO panel what is important to them, and how to get their buy-in for engagement initiatives. 
So those are the reasons we’re excited for the UK Employee Engagement Conference – we hope to see you in London on 10 September!
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