With the new year underway and the economy showing tentative signs of recovery, we continue to focus on the careful management of our budgets. When it comes to managing your office move, creating a realistic budget is critical and as such it is number 5 of my Golden Rules of Moving Office.


Creating a realistic office move budget is a critical planning tool that will help you assess your costs and manage them throughout the process.

A rough budget may well have been set at the outset, but this will need to be fully developed to incorporate all moving office cost items at the current/appropriate levels. You will need to get quotes about everything.

Having a realistic budget that is a live and working document – which is managed with discipline and intelligence – will allow you to remain in control of your move costs.

You can refer to my free Moving Office Working Budget on www.HelpMovingOffice.co.uk which highlights all the likely office move budget items from capital expenditure and advisory fees to migration and soft costs; and lays everything out in a logical and easy to use format.

Top tip: The best way of managing your office move costs is to set a realistic budget and stick to it.

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