So how do organisations change? With a Systems Thinking method, there’s no requirement for a plan or a project. The only plan is to go out and get knowledge of the what and why of current performance and then change. Study the work and the problems you thought you had are not the real problems. It was W E Deming who urged us to get profound knowledge.

So how can HR help in delivering sustainable organisational performance? By following the Systems Thinking method you get outstanding results everywhere. In hundreds of organisations doubling or tripling productivity, huge efficiency gains, phenomenal improvement in employee morale! Spectacular results!
Issues that HR deals with are symptoms and fallout of command and control management and unfortunately not the root causes within the system. Organisational Design & Development could adopt the principles of Systems Thinking and change the way managers think about organisation, management and humans. But how?
HR and HR professionals need to be the change we want – the question is by what method!  More in my next blog.
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