Or should that be: how do you make a boring job stand out these days?

Trust Ryanair and their creative marketing/recruitment team to come up with an eye-catching ad for the position of Assistant to Ryanair's CEO (the controversy-courting Michael O'Leary)…by billing it as 'The Worst Job in Ireland????'

Responsibilities include 'general drudgery', whilst key skills required are listed as 'thick skin', 'saint-like patience' and 'aversion to bolloxology' – what's not to like?

Luckily, Ryanair is already known for their tongue-in-cheek attitude, so can get away with the tone of this ad, but will we now see more 'serious' companies trying a similar approach? What are your thoughts on this sort of guerilla recruitment – is it only suited to companies like Ryanair, or should we consider making our job descriptions more lively and charismatic overall?