One of the prime responsibilities of the Human Resource Manager is to ensure that all the employees at the workplace feel comfortable and are treated with respect which ultimately helps them perform best to their capabilities. There are several experts that have derived a direct relationship between the diversity at the workplace and motivation of the team. With a rich diversity we intent to indicate to a workplace that has people from different age groups and backgrounds. Besides bringing a motivation to the organization the diversity of the workplace also demands stronger problem-solving skills for the management as well as the team members.

This can be tough; the HR managers may find it tough to deal with the complications and thus might face a slump in performance and growth. Today, we will discuss some effective diversity & motivational approaches for human resource managers:


Communication is the key to most of the problems. You must, as a Human Resource Manager, communicate with your team members and explain them the importance of the diversity at the workplace and the values attached to it. You may either communicate on your own or arrange paid developmental training sessions for the employees. These sessions should offer an employee a podium to clear his/her doubts and vent out their frustration or issues regarding any discrimination or other grievances about the workplace diversity. Attending to these issues must be an ongoing process so that employee would feel that things are in their favor.


A smart Human Resource Manager is the one who not only effectively manages the hiring process and balances the mix but also drafts effective policies to ensure that the information regarding workplace diversity is well informed to the employees. The policy must highlight the importance of diversity in team building. The p9licy must outline the role of each individual in the chain including the manager, employee as well as the management.  This not only helps in team building but also helps in devising effective plans for common goal achievements.


Setting policies to follow and communicating them alone won’t help until and unless you evaluate the results. It is utmost important the Human Resource Manager keeps a close eye on their diversity and motivational initiatives. This can be done by a questionnaire-based survey or a face to face discussion. This helps in analyzing the competitive status of the staff and how well motivated they are.

Miscellaneous exercises:

While these techniques ensure that the diversity at the workplace is a positive reinforcement factor for the employees, there are several other supportive techniques that help Human Resource Managers to maintain high motivational levels. Activities like group discussions, team building exercises, writing motivational quotes on the bulletin boards, planning goals with mutual discussions help human resource managers to boost the spirit of teamwork at a diverse place.    

Workplace diversity is a very critical thing to be handled with utmost care. While at one hand it has the incredible power to make a team more powerful and closely knit, on the other hand, if not treated with devotion and right techniques, it may harm the team structure significantly. Any wise Human resource manager would know which one to pick out of the two options.