Emerging optimism about the economy is compelling organisations to think again about how they attract and retain staff. With salaries rising slower than inflation, organisations are looking to offer alternative rewards and benefits to add value to basic salary packages, while incentives are back on  the radar to drive performance.

The ability to recognise and reward staff effectively is essential to keep hold of great people. It will also ensure higher net profit margins and increase productivity over organisations that do not have a system in place. But where should HR and Reward professionals start?

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Getting started

It is easy to spend a lot of money motivating staff, with little tangible return. Before rushing headlong into introducing the latest employee benefit or an incentive scheme, it is essential to take a step back and understand what the organisation wants to achieve through better-motivated staff and how it will measure the success of any initiatives.

Our whitepaper details key points to consider before implementing a reward scheme. It examines a range of key elements such as:

·         The difference between rewards and recognition schemes

·         Why staff motivation matters

·         Changing workforce expectations

·         The various challenges within the sales environments

·         How to motivate a range of staff which often includes a mix of seasonal and permanent individuals

It has well been documented that engaged employees are twenty times more likely to improve customer satisfaction and managers are waking up to the need for continual motivation. With the right rewards and recognition systems in place, all organisations can benefit from enhanced service provision, exceed targets and retain high performance staff.

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