Are you dealing with absenteeism in your company? It is a phenomenon that often translates a certain ill-being of employees. However, The Company is not only one responsible, but indeed many other external factors can also be considered and cause Absenteeism. In this article, discover some ideas to fight against the repeated absences of your employees. 

Analyzing the situation 

Your absenteeism rate is never going to suck. You can make every effort you want, there will always be some absences, whether they are justified or not justified. So we have to start with an objective analysis of the Situation.

For this, you can follow the absences of your employees in an absence management software for Example. This will be useful to you and then try to provide an adapted solution according to each Situation. 

An employee “well in the position” is a potentially more present employee 

An employee who is absent outside of his or her normal periods of leave rarely makes it light-minded and may even feel guilty. But this guilt is less strong than the reasons that cause him to be absent. We must, therefore, understand the reasons for this absence. 
There are the internal causes of the Company: 

Other, more personal causes may also be considered: 

The best approach to this situation is Communication and Credit Fix provides you the best assistance ever in this niche. You have to understand the reasons behind the absences that are not always justified. Then you have to remember the rules and try to find a solution to help the employee get out of this Situation.
The possibility of using telework was significantly facilitated by the law in 2017. 

Thinking about teleworking

Your employees reinvest in their work the time earned on the journey between their home and their work, Your employees can work in quieter conditions on certain days of the week, A part of the workspace within the company is released when the employees practice Telework. 

Teleworking has gradually imposed itself on companies. In rare cases, some employees may not be able to take full advantage of this form of Work. 

These exceptional cases must not hinder the adoption of telework, which re-present gain for the company in terms of productivity and well-being. 

Set clear objectives and follow the steps taken to achieve them 

Have you heard about SMART lenses? Any objective must be specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and temporally Defined. Only that, it is not enough to set goals for them to be achieved in the Facts. You have to come back to them regularly, assess their status and communicate to allow employees to focus on strategic priorities. 

Absenteeism is often a matter of communication or rather a lack of communication. The lone employee eventually cut himself off from the business by Absenting Himself. Restoring the link can limit repeated and/or unjustified absences. 

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