Wesco Aircraft Europe has been invited to deliver a bespoke presentation at the CIPD HR Software Show 2011, as part of a series of knowledge-sharing seminars for delegates.
The presentation, at Olympia London on Wednesday 15th June at 11:30, is set to focus upon the four steps to achieving a successful multi-site roll out when implementing HR and payroll technology.
Wesco’s HR specialist Samantha Parr will share her first-hand experiences of the HR software procurement, installation and implementation journey, whilst offering useful hints and tips as to how to achieve optimum levels of employee engagement and ROI.
Having spoken to Samantha in person, she explained: “I know from personal experience what a daunting task it can be when making the transition from Excel spreadsheets or worse still paper-based HR records, to intuitive HR technology. No-one can be certain how the project will pan out, and you cannot guarantee that the workforce will engage in the software in the way that you want them to.
“But whilst challenges will be encountered along the way, the scope for creating opportunities and facilitating positive change is endless.”
Keen to deliver an impartial account of her own experiences, Samantha hopes the presentation will offer a refreshing change to the traditional suppliers’ sales pitches that can often be heard at industry events.
“The procurement of HR software marks a significant investment for any company, even more so perhaps when budgets and financial expenditure are being scrutinised by the board,” commented Samantha. “It’s therefore important to make considered decisions from the outset in order to add maximum value, not only to the activities of your HR team, but to the strategy of the whole business.”