Knowledge isn’t king anymore. Information is everywhere, and it’s more accessible than ever.

However too often we are left to fear what we don’t know and understand. We avoid the subject, we get defensive, panic, hide, attack, or stick to what we do know. Sound familiar?

We like to play it safe. Especially when the stakes are high.

We need to fundamentally shift this mindset in business.

If you think you know something, I argue that you should always question it. If you don’t know something, I argue you should get up and find out more.

It takes courage to say “I don’t know,” yet doing so can be one of the most powerful things you can do.  Our ability to innovate is dependent on these two basic premises. Saying “Good point. I don’t know. I’ll find out more” creates opportunity.

Firstly, gathering more information breeds collaboration with others. Asking your peers questions creates fresh conversations. Conversations in turn drive energy, new ideas and empowers others to voice their opinion and thoughts.

Secondly, learning is continuous, and in our search for answers we often stumble across unexpected, yet valuable information that can stimulate our thinking. You don’t know what you don’t know.

Thirdly, taking time to find out more gives you space and time to really think and gain the insight you need to be creative. Our best work tends to come from connecting our thoughts, experiences and ideas when you least expect it.

Finally, by having the confidence to say “I don’t know,” you will only empower and liberate others to do the same.

In changing times, we need people who will explore, question, challenge and think differently about today’s world.

Amy King

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