It appears that a wave of job insecurity is sweeping the capital at present, as Londoners reveal they’re increasingly feeling the fear of redundancy.

Recent research by ComRes on behalf of, shows that 22% of Londoners don’t feel secure in their current role and about a third (32%) are afraid of redundancy in the next 12 months. So, what can employers do to help instil a sense of security into their worker community?

And, perhaps more importantly, why is this sense of security so important?

We suggest that the role of career visioning and improved communication could be key in maintaining an engaged, confident workforce. In the current climate, the threat of possible redundancies is bound to hover over businesses but the recent research shows some unnerving statistics nonetheless. A workforce that’s hampered by doubt, insecurity and the threat of job losses is probably not the happiest and most productive of teams. It’s also likely that many workers are worrying unnecessarily about their roles, when in fact their positions are safe.

Anxiety is rife amongst Britain’s workers but there’s actually some optimism to be had in the recruitment industry. Recruitment agents have noted an increase in job registrations and more demand from clients across London for professionals with niche skills. Still, with unemployment regularly hitting the news at the moment, it’s essential that employers take the time and effort to nurture a sense of security amongst their employees. In recruitment surveys, job security is consistently rated as one of the most important factors for employees. Without a feeling of longevity and progression in their role, an individual can easily become unmotivated and lacking in commitment.

This is where structured coaching and career visioning can be extremely beneficial. This is a simple but effective process, which can help empower and motivate employees by inviting them to have an inspiring and future-focussed career goal. The process, facilitated by the employer, helps to instill a sense of clarity about future progression, helping the employee to feel certain and supported in their ongoing career path through the company.

Expert coaching and development can be a powerful tool within an organisation as it can help transform, for the better, the way an employee views their current role as well as their place in the future of the organisation

Elva Ainsworth
Talent Innovations

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