Looking for a new job?  Make a list.

You’ve heard it before – lists are the epitome of organization for any endeavor.  They help you plan.  They help you think.  They help you accomplish things and check off what’s on your plate.  Take into consideration the power of list making when you begin a new job search.  It will make a big difference in the outcome.  

You started your search for a reason. Maybe you need better hours, or better pay, or better balance.  Maybe you are looking for an organization that offers more opportunity for challenge or managing others.  Maybe you are looking for a different position altogether, or maybe you are looking to move geographically.  Chances are there are things you want to change, and things you want to stay the same.  

Before you begin your search – write down 5-10 things that you ENJOY about your current work situation, and then 5-10 things you would change if you could.  Whittle down each list until you are left with 3-5 things you simply cannot live without. The deal-breakers, so to speak.  Writing these things down helps you remember why you started, so that you don’t find yourself in another job hunt in a year or two.  Now, as you job search, do NOT sacrifice those things.  Anytime we engage in a job search, we tend to get swept into the excitement of it and the more likely we are to want to change things for the sake of change.  Chances are if you go that route, change for the sake of change will only lead to you wanting more change down the road. 

Each time you are presented with a job opportunity, take out your list.  Do you have any reasons to believe the opportunity will not accommodate the things on your list?  If so, don’t apply or don’t accept the offer.  Let your list guide your decision and don’t sacrifice the things on your list.  Hold out for something that you truly believe will fulfill your dreams and desires.