I was listening to Aled Jones talking to Katie Melua this morning and she mentioned having to cancel her last tour due to ill health. She said it had come as as shock because she so loved what she did and thought that was enough. Aled then commented that when on tour himself he’s constantly reminded by others not to live on junk foods.

We don’t have to look far in the media to be reminded "we are what we eat". Or the benefits of cutting down on alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar and processed foods. The difficulty, for me anyway, has been taking that information and making it meaningful enough to act as a motivator to make different choices. At some level we all know that too much of all these foods can have a negative impact on our health, weight, mind, energy, vitality, well being and yes even longevity. Yet many of us keep eating too many of these – or is it just me?

As someone who is very sensitive to the impact of caffeine and alcohol it’s not been difficult to cut them out (although I may have something to drink at the CIPS dinner on Thursday). However living on my own and working as I do has always meant I find it easy to skip meals and/or choose ready meals and also reach for the sweets mid afternoon to give me that extra oomph to get through the rest of the day.

3 weeks ago I went on a food4life workshop that seems to have provided the motivation to start to make healthier choices. I’m sure much of what went on over the 3 days contributed to the change in mindset but 2 statements come to mind and, so far, have stopped me making choices that include ready meals, refined sugars and processed foods. These statements are:

I’m not suggesting that these statements will miraculously change your actions. However if life isn’t as you want it I’d strongly encourage you to find your own motivators to making healthier choices because they will ultimately make a big difference in ways I’m not sure we can always expect.

Please do share what motivates you to make healthier choices – you never know it just may make a difference for someone?

Alison Smith
Helping business relationships remain healthy

This week I’m moving onto our Body’s contribution to well being and our ability to have the life we want and get things done. Last week my blog touched on the Mind’s contribution.

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