A birthday is one of the few special days in each of our lives every year.


Some organisations provide an ‘occasion day’ benefit whereby employees are given a day off while others arrange a drink to celebrate, paid for by employers. 


Businesses wanting to boost staff morale and engagement of the team could ‘make their day’ even more special by giving them each, at minimal cost, an exciting present that everyone can enjoy – such as a gift voucher, for instance, for a night out at the cinema.


Experiential gifts such as cinema ticket vouchers have universal appeal.  They can prove to be a memorable as well as a more personal gift as the recipient can choose what they wish to see, with whom they want to go, and whenever they want. And, unlike many other vouchers, the recipient won’t have to spend extra to get what they really want.


Gifts like this are growing in popularity as they are flexible and convenient and deliver enjoyment.  Employers who help their staff to have a very special happy birthday will not only achieve this but also engage and motivate them.


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