Motivation and Leadship

The most stressful phase of a startup is when key members decide to abandon the team. If the goals of the company are in perfect alignment with the vision of the company, there will be very few final targets that you can go wrong with.

In a start up if the management is really motivated and confident about a decision they should go ahead and take action on it. Too much diversity will not lead to cohesiveness; instead make the team lose direction and structure. It will work as asset when it is used to identify natural talent, and given the right resources to grow and nurture. Do not expect start ups to be stress free, get ready for extreme and challenging situations.

#1. Thinking Out-of-Box Elicits Greater Trust amongst Employees 

A good leader is not loud, or self attention seeking and never dictates with a baton. History has proven that most successful leaders had a vision that was larger than their personal interests and their aim was the welfare of the masses on the whole. But the key to this success is an ability to observe closely the KPI’s in an employee. When you are lead by someone who can think outside the box with a sane head, humility becomes a way of life in the workplace.

#2. Leaders aren’t scared of mistakes: They Won’t Punish You for One

A good leader will have a light humor about him and be grounded and approachable. He will cut slack when mistakes are made but motivate his employees to learn from their mistakes and improve their performance. A motivated leader will accept the fact that in a startup mistakes are bound to happen. Try and keep the atmosphere pleasant and project a cool image. All other factors will fade in the memory except the image that is portrayed.

#3. Motivated Leaders show the willingness To Grow and Expand 

It is good to have a vision as it will provide the much needed meaning to the whole purpose. But be like a child in its pursuit and go for it with all innocence without getting distracted. Set no limitations on the growth and improvement criterion. Be ready to work, be followed and ready to adapt to all changes.

Six out of ten employees are used to a typical work set up, where all systems and policies are already in place. In a start up that might not be possible. The business in its infants stage needs to be flexible, ready for changes and adaptable with little turnover time periods. Here are some motivated leaders who can help you to get motivated and positive. 

#4. Leaders Don’t Mind Taking Risks and Encourage Employees To Do The Same 

It is important to hire employees that have the same passion and appetite for risks. Certain companies who are passionate about their mission have chosen to offer their employees rewards in the form of equity in the same business. This ensures that that only people who share the same drive and motivation are drawn to the idea and make it a success.

#5. Motivation for Employees Is To Help Them Build the Right Skills

When motivated leaders take ion themselves to help employees build skills and relationships, employees find it easy to fit in the culture. By building integrated networks the onboard process can be made very simple and achievable.

As conclusion motivation and leadership are great qualities and if you have both of them then success will not be far away from you. Here are some great examples of such business personalities who have both skills and they are now top of the world.