Hands up if you checked your work email over the festive period? If you have you are certainly not alone. 77% of people surveyed  admitted  to checking their email “obsessively”.
We are still a nation of people who compulsively check their inbox – in fact shocking statistics by leading email researcher Dr Thomas Jackson proved that 70% of emails are attended to within 6 seconds of their arrival.
6 seconds!
We would let a screaming child cry for longer without checking, but we feel compelled to check – and respond to – our emails as soon as we receive them.
Is it because technology has advanced to such an extent that we are constantly connected to sources of distraction – such as email?
Email provides distraction – from work, from life’s other challenges or from making difficult choices.
But we cannot blame technology – the cause for this obsession is human behaviour – and the solution is behavioural too.
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