Cars are a prized possession for many people, but it’s one thing driving a car you’ve bought yourself and another driving a company car.  Company cars can do so much more in projecting the desired image for the business and building a reputation. The right company car can even impress clients and business partners, and possibly be the deciding factor when sealing a deal.

It may sound trivial but let’s take this example: the client you visit is an eco-business and really big on sustainability.  They promise their customers that they only partner with companies who share their environmentally conscious values, and promote ethical business.  You pull up to the client’s office in an electric hybrid company vehicle, boasting some of the lowest CO2 emissions possible; this is bound to make the right impression.    

In another example, driving the latest stylish model as a company car can give the impression that the business is successful and making lots of money – therefore trustworthy to do business with.  Yet managing a company fleet is purposefully more cost effective than buying the newest cars outright or leasing them from a company.  Every company wants to project a successful image, and giving your staff luxury cars to drive certainly does just that.

Did you know you can project this positive company image with very little expense? Using a salary sacrifice car scheme, your employees will sacrifice part of their salary in return for the vehicle they choose.  You don’t have to buy the company cars, as the drop in salary will pay for the vehicle.  (You will also save on tax and N.I. as salaries will be lower).

On such a scheme, your workforce would drive to national meetings or to meet with clients in an Alfa Romeo Giluietta 1.6 from around £300 a month.  Other cars which make an impression and are available through salary sacrifice include the Mazda CX-5 Diesel Estate 2.2d, and the Lexus CT Hatchback 200h 1.8, which can be driven from as little as £240 every month.

Projecting a company image all starts with that first impression, and yes that starts before you even enter the building.  And nobody can deny how impressive cars are, even in the 21st century! Arriving at a potential client’s premises with a clean, prestigious state of the art vehicle will definitely give a better impression of the business than turning up in an old banger or wet and windswept due to the long walk from the bus stop not to mention meeting your duty of care.

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