What happens when someone is hired or fired to get even?

Recruitment is one of the most important factors when it comes to putting your organization into a position where it can compete, and be successful. Getting the right people into the right positions is crucial, and if done correctly, sets your organization up for success.

Conversely however, if a company’s recruitment policy is carried out poorly, or individuals within that company are not held to account, then you are going to have issues – and serious issues, not very far down the line. Here we deal with perhaps the worst instance of how recruitment can go very wrong.

Revenge hiring: what is it?

In a nutshell revenge hiring is where someone in the business hires an individual merely to get one over – or to get revenge – on someone else in the same organization or used to be. Incredible though it sounds this goes on, and it goes on a lot more than you would ever guess.

Under the wide umbrella of revenge hiring, the motivation is often different in each case, but the one constant is that the underlying reason for the hire is not solely for the benefit of the business, but the individual doing the hiring.  Here is how it looks

The cause and effect

Whatever way you look at it, revenge hiring is bad news not only for the organization, but more often for those being hired as well. If not checked, it will spread and eat away at your organization like a cancer.

When it is brought to the attention of the hiring manager they will almost always trot out the business reasons behind the decision, but as it is crucial, you have to be firm. 

This type hiring strategy puts the organization in a weaker position against its competitors. This is bad news for everyone, from the lowest employee, up to the CEO and the shareholders.

Revenge firing: what is it?

The opposite effect of this type hiring is when someone is fired for revenge:

Like its sibling, revenge firing is an incredibly destructive practice that needs to be stamped out as soon as it becomes evident it has taken place. Not only is your organization depriving itself of potentially talented individuals, but you are wide open to tribunals and legal action.

Ensuring the correct hiring, dismissal policies and procedures are in place and are always followed is a great way to ensure you are in compliance.

Remember in the end it is about hiring the best and the brightest.

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