Once craft experts, the go-to gurus for all things entertainment and information, today’s Internal Comms practitioners must be all this and more. Fresh environmental dynamics, complex functional demands and employees who are more mobile, informed, vocal—and more influential than ever before—mean the IC team must increasingly adopt the role of organizational connectors who also support strategy and create content – and partner closely with key stakeholders including HR!

It’s a gear change that calls for new skills and a shift in the way the IC function see ourselves and what we do. We’ve written several studies recently that reflect this movement – Communication for Collaboration and From Engagement to Empowerment to name a couple. We’ve also had to work with out members to develop an Internal Communication Competency Model, that enables Internal Communicators to assess their capabilities and allows IC leaders to look across their team to understand where there are opportunities for development as well as areas of strong performance that could benefit the rest of the team through coaching or knowledge sharing. We’ve taken learnings from these studies, and the tool, and created a free white paper that summrizes what the future holds for IC – which has great relevance, of course, for HR. It looks at

You can get hold of a copy of this white paper vis this link and I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on it, based on your own experiences https://www.melcrum.com/internal-communication

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