HR staff often complains that their company does not highly recognize the importance of HR management, that they are struggled with paperwork, and not able to do things more meaningful.  The first one is not true.  HR management is the critical aspect to company’s strategy.  Many big bosses would take hands-on approach to HR management once they have time.  In addition, HR management is a great fire wall to protect company from lawsuits.  It will be a different matter if individual personnel have not received enough attention.  

HR personnel usually have no time to study their company’s strategy, resources and future in a comprehensive way, but are busy with excessive paperwork.  In the meantime, they also lack experience in marketing, sales, public relations and others because of their inward and steady environment, which would decrease their ability to influence company from within.  Years of research at The Prince synergy have found that executives, including HR and other key people, need certain quality and ability in 6 dimensions, Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Learning Quotient (LQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Public Influence Quotient (PQ), Adversity Quotient (AQ) and Health Quotient (HQ) in order to take responsibility, achieve business goals, and get high recognition.  Everyone has their own talents, potential optimal achievement, personal goal(s), distance to the goal(s), and the best possible way to balance the two.  We can assess the distance of each individual’s talents to their goal through Executive 6 Q assessment, and then shorten the distance with customized training.   

In order to empower self and get out of paperwork, HR team first need to simplify HR work, improve its efficiency, so they can gain more time.  Usually HR personnel are buried in paper work, some procedures are repetitive, and some already lose the opportunity to solve the problem at early stage.  What if we can know everything about our team ahead of time, and target needs precisely? Cross-sciences, the integration of Medicine, Business and Law, have enabled this dream to come true.

Executive 6 Q Assessment allows us to foresee team members’ performance dynamically and in three way dimensions.  We can assess their professionalism, ethics, potential structure, suitable performance range, distances to goals, training needed, motivation, sustainability and energy.  We can foresee their leadership, ability to adapt, change management, resources organization and more. Knowing these ahead of time will give HR personnel great leverage in talent utilization, rotation, succession, development, retention and motivation.  Letting team do what they love and are good at will minimize person-position mismatch, turnover, other negative cycles and subsequent paperwork. 

Sometimes, the same job may need different abilities in different environments and at different stage. Knowing team members ahead of time will allow us to find the quickest way to help them adapt to new environment or new strategy, protect personnel reputation and business success.  People often think that it is impossible to retain talents at their optimal level.  In fact, cross-sciences has enabled business to have them all through Executive 6 Q assessment, Talent Performance and Management Assessment and then customized consulting and training.          

Cross-sciences have made HR management highly efficient.  Should every company take a total change?  It will depend on the needs of business and the speed of their competitors.  The best way is to minimize risks, and try new ideas and new methods with caution, such as choosing a small range, compared the new services with traditional ones. In the meantime, enhance internal communication and education.  This way, you can show company the new vision, speed up problem solving, and in the meantime, allow yourself stand out of the crowd. 

In summary, to make HR matters more in company and do more meaningful work, HR first needs to improve management efficiency, and gain more time to understand company comprehensively, in the meantime, equip themselves precisely and quickly.

About the Author

Bin Yang is the CEO and Founder of The Prince Synergy (, a consulting and coaching firm from Los Angeles, focusing on Competitiveness and Talent Management, whose services are the integration of Medicine, Business and Law.  Through Assessment, Diagnoses, Consulting, Training and Management, The Prince Synergy helps its clients solve hard issues in Executive & International Competitiveness, retain talents at their optimal level, and be leaders in their field in the world.  

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