My theme this week has been the Mind’s contribution to us having the life we want. So one final reminder before I move on – for all it’s complexity and ability to do amazing things our mind is very simple. If our mind hears something enough it believes it. So if we say "we can’t" we probably wont!

Yes it’s that simple and before you start saying "I really can’t" then just have a look at a previous blog that demonstrated a remarkable change around in my running times during PT. The only difference was I stopped saying "I can’t", "It’s difficult", "It’s impossible", "But".

Dr David Hamilton has written a number of books detailing the scientific changes that take place in our body when we’re positive, kind, or show gratitude. These things really are as important as our five a day. Yes they can improve our health and therefore our ability to achieve things.

So if you only do one thing this week (although didn’t I also say that about putting yourself first , understanding yourself and recognising things had to change :-)) can I encourage you to observe what you’re saying to your self about: you, your abilities, your future achievements and reflect on how these are impacting how you’re feeling and what you’re choosing to do – or not do. If you think they might not be helping just try cutting them out of your dialogue and even better finding more positive and supportive wording instead. In fact don’t just ‘try’ – DO IT.

Do let me know how you get on.

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