Talent is regarded as the key resource for every organization which seeks to profit from the economic and social environment it works in. Industrialization has proven the efficiency of machines and that repetitive work can be streamlined into a more cohesive pattern, as a process, allowing mankind to progress ahead to inventions of higher value.

          Technology is a valid substitute for human talent, but not a replacement. There is only so much that technology can arrive at its own. It is the uniqueness of the human interface that helps machines achieve the desired output.

          Human talent, in all its manifestations remains irreplaceable. And it is as it should be.

          The world of today seeks to benefit the whole of universe in which we operate. While we are claiming success, rightfully of course, for scaling the heights of interplanetary travel and extraordinary breakthrough in many other walks of science, including medicine; the key factors that have an influence on the world, inclusive economic growth, has failed to penetrate to all walks of life.

          What does it take to create a more accepting society in which the economic growth is more evenly distributed?

          To be able to exploit the innate nature of mankind itself.

          God, in His supreme wisdom, created Man, with the singular ability – ‘imagination.’ This possibility to imagine has produced all the benefits that we get to enjoy today, right from the pre-war Scotch from The Macallan to make available potable water in some of the driest parts of the world. Accomplishments are limited only by human ability to imagine the not so obvious.

          And what is obvious?

          Demand and supply!

          Of food, of potable water, of economic opportunities, of government policies, of continued availability of key infrastructure, of access to credit, etc…. And above all this, the availability of people with talent, which sets them apart and makes them contribute to the economic growth of the nation and the world around them.

          A business tycoon in China and a mine worker in South America, are both providers to the growth of their respective economies. Had it not been for the miner to slip into the earth at almost 2 miles under, the tycoon in China could not be enjoying the handshake that confirms the financing for the next mill that would employ 10,000 people.

          The fate of many is connected to the fate of all.

          History makes a case for talent to have been in excess, always. And the supply has been limited, through the manufacturing of nature itself, and much through the actions of men, who profit better from being able to enforce their power of influence or exercise control over any and everything.

          Human talent too, has its limitations.

          The industry struggles with a shortage of key resources with the requisite talent, and men struggle to find roles befitting their key differentiator, their ability to learn a skill that makes their talent visible and productive.

          The conundrum remains, how does one attract the right talent, amongst the myriad permutations of talent available in the market?

          The challenges of the latest century need answers that bridge the wisdom of the past and the intelligence of the future, an ability to straddle the two worlds separating demand and supply and to marry them together.

          Spire Technologies Context Intelligence platform does just that.

          The Context Intelligence platform scans through significant volume of data and lists out the more relevant ones; while doing so, it is also able to reverse the pattern, enabling supply to chase demand and demand to chase supply.

          Our technology has found favor with institutions that pride themselves on their human talent availability and ensures that the organizations continue to maintain and extend their hold on human talent.

          Spire seeks to change the world for a better place. And they intend to do so by understanding and aggrandizing the benefits of the big data world.

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