The Six Sigma Green Belt is a level of training that will put you into an effective part within a Six Sigma team. You will not be required to assume management positions, nor will you have the training to be able to. If you like management roles, you need to check out the Black Belt programs. If you are more of the team player and have three years of experience within the Six Sigma Green body of knowledge. The body of knowledge consists of concepts that are essential to Six Sigma, and that will offer all the understanding that you need to analyze at the Green Belt level.


The body of knowledge begins with a review of Six Sigma and the reasons that different organizations use it. It then goes into breaking down the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control) Process, describing each step so that all Green Belts are familiar with the various procedures and Six Sigma Methodology. Within all of these categories, there is specific and information available that needs to be known, such as the actual steps and information involved with a finish Six Sigma Process.


Six Sigma Green Belt programs are great for workers that want to be part of a team that’s starting on quality improvement projects. If you are an individual seeking Green Belt Certification, you will want to make sure that there is a reason for your coaching. If your organization needs a person of your skill level to do the job, then it’s a good certification to get. However, if your organization has no need for another Six Sigma Green Belt, you will either need to consider changing careers or perhaps getting a different degree of Six Sigma training.


It might occur to you that you should search for Black Belt or even Master Black Belt certification. However, if you’re not a leadership-type individual, this might not be right for you. These are the highest levels of Six Sigma Training, of course, but that doesn’t invariably mean that it’s right for you. Take the time to consider why you are looking the training, what you plan to use it for, and how your skills will be used by your organization or any organization that you’re working with. If you are part of a team or want to be, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification can be the best level of training your needs.

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