This week I happened upon an old programme about the sinking of the Costa Concordia, an Italian Cruise Ship.  

The thing that has stayed with me all week is that the captain left the ship before ensuring the safety of his team and passengers who were in his care.  This got me thinking about the link between Leadership and Selflessness and just how crucial it is.

I found these two related articles that are worth a read:

The Four Keys to Being a Trusted Leader (Harvard Business Review)

“Real leadership – the kind that inspires people to pull together and collectively achieve something great – can only be exercised when an executive is trusted. And trust arises when someone is seen acting selflessly.” 

“People in an organization perceive selflessness when a leader concerns him or herself with their safety; performs valuable service for them; and makes personal sacrifice for their benefit.”

9 Differences Between Selfish and Selfless Leaders (Huffington Post)


  1. We love selfless leaders
  2. We are dependent on them to start, however become independent over time
  3. Constant improvement of IP
  4. Abundance mentality
  5. Helping others
  6. Selfless leader is trusted, we know they have our best interests in mind
  7. Resilient relationships: they are helping others achieve confidence and independence
  8. Positive fear, we are scared of disappointing them, afraid of hurting them
  9. Huge ROI long-term

by Helen Blackman

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