Two thirds of office workers think communication in their offices could be improved. (Mindlab International & Opinion Matters)

Communications hold a company together. Internal communications are just as, if not more, important than your external communications; your employees are your biggest brand ambassadors. Here are our top reasons to communicate:

Top 10 reasons…

1. Improve customer service. Well informed employees will be able to pass their product knowledge on to customers, ensuring superior service.

2. Ensure understanding of expectations. Ensure employees know what is expected of them. If not, how will they be able to fulfil their job role?

3. Boost team work. If employees can communicate effectively with each other they will be able to work more effectively as a team. Communicate targets to ensure employees are working towards a shared goal.

4. Increase understanding of the company. Make your company values clear. Communicate your business model and company structure to ensure the employee understands where they fit in the company.

5. Keep your employees up to date. With modern technology, employees can easily be given access to real time news where appropriate.

6. Minimise confusion. If products and processes are well communicated it will minimise confusion, and in turn maximise productivity.

7. Make employees feel valued. Communicating regularly with your employees will show them that you value them. It will increase their sense of ownership with their role.

8. Encourage an open environment. When employees are encouraged to communicate, and are communicated to, it will foster an open environment where employees feel comfortable in putting suggestions and opinions forward.

9. Support change. Ensure they understand what the change is and why it is happening. Communicating to your employees about change generates higher levels of trust and will make them more accommodating of the change.

10. Drive engagement. If you can successfully communicate the above, you will be well on your way to an engaged workforce. Communication makes your employees feel valued and involved – the key to engagement. Contact p&mm to discuss how we can help improve communication in your company.