Bringing in top talent is more difficult than ever for recruiters as companies continue to face the war on talent. In a recent survey, more than two-thirds of organizations hiring full-time staff indicate they are having a difficult time recruiting for job openings. As the climate of the industry continues to lean toward a more candidate-driven environment, recruiters are looking for ways to better recruit top talent and snag them up before the competition.

Select Quality Candidates Faster

As the responsibilities for recruiters continue to grow, 52% say the hardest part of their job is identifying the right candidates from a large applicant pool. Being open and adapting to new technology can help recruiters ease the stress when it comes to selecting the right candidate.

Emerging talent acquisition technology helps solve this selection problem. By introducing score and rank features, recruiters can weed out the most qualified candidates. Cognitive recruiting assistants can review thousands of resumes at a time, then rank candidates based on personality and cultural fit. They are also able to pull concepts found within the cover letter and resume to match job requirements laid out by the recruiter. Recruiters and talent acquisition teams who make it a point to adapt to this kind of technology will be able to decrease the time it takes to find candidates while increasing the quality of candidate hired.

Boost Communication

60% of applicants say “better communication throughout and after the application process,” would have the most positive impact on improving the hiring process. Communication between the recruiter and every candidate is not always possible since every corporate job opening attracts 250 applications on average. This lack of communication puts a strain on finding top talent since candidates want to talk to someone throughout the process to help them make the best decision and be in the loop.

What’s the solution to this communication problem? Hire more recruiters to reduce the risk of any applications slipping through the cracks? Not quite. The solution does start with more communication but not from recruiters. Talent acquisition teams need cognitive recruiting assistants with the ability to communicate with applicants 24/7, provide confirmation for when a resume has been received, and answer any questions the candidate may have. This solution comes in the form of AI chatbots.

By using this technology in the recruiting process, recruiters will be able to provide the increased communication that candidates want from employers without increasing team sizes.

Increase ROI

Embracing AI in recruiting will inevitably help talent acquisition teams increase their ROI. Boosting communication to elevate candidate experience will help nurture more qualified candidates and draw in others. This technology will also lead to faster hires with the technology’s ability to sort through a plethora of resumes in a fraction of the amount of time it takes recruiters to do so manually.

Top talent has increasingly been more difficult to come by and talent acquisition teams stuck in the past will continue to struggle when it comes to hiring for those hard-to-fill positions. Embrace the advancements in technology to help your recruitment team and strengthen your workforce.

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