Online induction training

Induction programs are an integral part of the training calendar of any organization. However, it is a challenge to develop an effective induction program that covers widely dispersed geographies and reconciles conflicting learners’ schedules and at the same time manages to retain the learners’ attention. To achieve all this without a facilitator would seem to be a bigger challenge. Diverging from the traditional instructor-led classroom approach, many organizations now want a solution that is not only engaging and effective but also one that can reduce the time and cost of conducting induction trainings at several offices spread across the globe. In this scenario, a technology-aided approach is often the chosen path for many organizations that have a continuous need to train new recruits.

Induction trainings are often information heavy and tedious for learners. In a classroom session, the monotony is broken by several breaks as deemed fit by the trainer; but in a self-paced online learning courses, the developers need to ensure that learner interest is sustained throughout the course. The textual content itself needs to be broken down in order to be more palatable to the learner.

Here are a few tips that can be utilized to create induction trainings that go that extra mile.

1. Theme-based structure and content:

2. Virtual mentor

3. Interactive elements

4. Collectibles

5. Creating visual impact

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