To many in the business world, recruiters are the cowboys of the wild west, swaggering into the bar, a cocky tilt to their hat, six shooters blazing, while HR the barkeep stands protectively behind the bar,  dressed in conservative fashion, running a tidy shop, trying to conserve the peace and keep any ruffians under control.

 Below is a tongue and cheek look at "Why HR Hates Recruiters and Vice Versa.

  1. HR follows the rules while recruiters break them.
  2. They both think they add more value to the business than the other.
  3. Recruiters offer more money to close offers while HR is trying to stay within the salary cap.
  4. Recruiting  is about doing it (tactical) while all the HR group  seems to want to do is talk about it  (strategic).
  5. They both think their in charge of the final offer.
  6. To HR workforce planning is their main job, while to recruiters any workforce planning efforts going on within the company mean they will be looking for another job soon.
  7. HR loves paperwork but  to a recruiter the only paperwork required is a napkin at a bar to jot down candidate essentials.
  8. HR usually holds the purse strings while recruiting is it’s poor jealous cousin looking for hand me downs or a hand out.
  9. No to HR means No but to a recruiter No means let the games begin.
  10. Finally to the business HR and Recruiters are one and the same (Doh!)

Francois Guay has been both an HR executive in a large global company as well as an internal and external recruiter. See more blogs from this author at [email protected]