Company culture is a huge concern for job seekers today, employees cite an unhealthy/undesirable culture as a top reason to leave their current position. With so much time spent in the workplace many individuals are specifically seeking out companies that provide a culture matching their own beliefs.


Placing a strong focus on marketing your unique company culture to potential candidates is an easy way to catch the attention of top talent in your industry, allowing you to tap into a talent pool that could be perfect for your next recruitment push. Company culture is something employers need to effectively sell and therefore it’s an idea that employees buy into. The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to re-define to your current employees exactly what that culture is and has that changed as the business has developed.


Ensuring that that same message is echoed throughout the business. What’s most beneficial about selling a ‘culture’ to potential candidates is that you can be certain the ones that continue their interest in working for you, retain and value the same principles that you’ve layed out to them. Ensuring that that same message is echoed throughout the business.  


Nathan Pearson – Smith

Twitter: @NathanPearsonWH

LinkedIn: Nathan Pearson – Smith

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